My Top 5 Websites

These are my top five favourite websites and why:

1. – Everybody loves a good ol’ gossip after a heavy day and it really uplifts you to hear that Lindsey Lohan tried to break out of the Betty Ford Clinic like it was the state pen.

2. – Some posts make you laugh and some make you cry. It’s a good website with plenty of dirty laundry. – Just for news and reviews but it’s simpler than a lot of news websites and it includes culture with posts from Charlie Brooker and Zoe Williams.

4. – Girly, I know, but it is a brilliant website at 11am at work. There are quizzes to complete and there are several articles which are good to read.

5. – Like the first, this really gives you a lift at the end of the day. Read about people’s horrible, yet funny, days and vote if their lives do indeed suck or if they totally deserve it.

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