Top 10 Christmas Films (not necessarily to do with Christmas)


Ahhhhhh yes, the Christmas tiding are upon us in a few weeks. A time for women for the women to run around with their lists of presents, decorations and mint baileys sticking out of their handbags and a time for men to leave everything until Christmas Eve. It’s almost here. The DFS adverts are already on (even though they play that same advert all year around) and Poundland is already filled with gifts and tacky signs. If you so happen to get a time to relax with family and friends then pop in a film to get you in the Yule tide mood. These films are always appropriate around Christmas but not all of them are associated with Christmas.

1. Miracle on 34th Street (Directed by Les Mayfield: 1994)

This is an obvious one but it’s a classic. Richard Attenborough is just wonderful as Mr Cringle and there’s just something about Santa being incarcerated that just feels like Christmas.

2. Die Hard (Directed by John McTiernan:n 1988)

Yes, perhaps not an obvious choice to some people but it’s great to snuggle up to and just imagine your boyfriend is Bruce Willis. Besides, it’s not completely out of context, Bruce Willis is trying to get back to his wife for Christmas in the beginning.

3. A Muppet Christmas Carol (Directed by Brian Henson: 1992)

You can’t have Christmas without Kermit. It’s just a fact. With the songs, the cheer and ,of course, Miss Piggy the film is a brilliant film for kids and adults alike and Michael Caine is a chilling Scrooge.

4. The Sound of Music (Directed by Robert Wise: 1965)

Again, quite obvious but it’s the beautiful of the songs, the scenery of Austria and the handsomeness of Captain Von Trapp that makes the film a treasure at Christmas. For Grandparents and Grandchildren, it’s a song-a-long-athon that really puts the Christ in Christmas. (That’s a reference to the nuns, by the way, not blasphemy).

5. The Lion King (Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff: 1994)

To be honest, it’s any excuse to put this on but this animation is a wonderful mix of American popular culture and African beats. I have a young cousin so it’s always a good excuse and will have you valuing family and friendship at the appropriate time of Christmas.

6. Meet Me in St. Louis (Directed by Vincente Minnelli: 1944)

Maybe one of the less well known musicals but you must have it in your collection this year. The Smith daughters are learning about life and love leading up to their Christmas and you can never have enough Garland at Christmas.

As you can see by…

7. The Wizard of Oz (Directed by Victor Fleming: 1939)

It’s a classic and will bring the whole family together. In search of a heart, a brain, courage a home, this film will have you slurping your egg nog and singing along.

8. Little Women (Directed by Gillian Armstrong: 1994)

Centred around the March sisters from the US, this film will have you laughing along one minute and crying into your pillow the next. Perhaps not a great combination mixed with wine but I still recommend this film as the best and most heart-warming part happens as the characters celebrate Christmas.

9. Edward Scissorhands (Directed by Tim Burton: 1990)

Burton’s mix of US Suburbia and gothic fairytale makes this film an unconventional alternative at Christmas. Stunning performances by Johnny “Hold me..I can’t” Depp and Winona Ryder make the ending a sad yet hopeful masterpiece.

10. Annie Hall (Directed by Woody Allen: 1977)

Woody Allen is essential for those pre-holiday blues and will have you laughing together as a family. The brilliant jokes, the beautiful portrayal of New York and performances by Woody Allen and Diane Keaton makes this a must-see this Christmas. And if anyone accuses me of not involving enough Christmas in these Christmas films, Annie Hall has a scene where Woody Allen has to attend a Christmas party.

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