Newspaper Article Story- November, 2010

This is an example of a newspaper story of a fake topic given by the lecturer.

The News Story Assignment

1Bournemouth Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested

A suspect was arrested on Thursday afternoon for the robbery of a bank in Lansdowne, Bournemouth, earlier that day. The suspect, Georgina Pane, in her thirties, was arrested in Royal Bournemouth Hospital at around 12:00 on November 18th for conspiracy and robbery of a HSBC bank in Lansdowne at around 11:00 that morning, Dorset police has reported.

Pane allegedly entered the bank little after 11:00, dressed in black, carrying a gun and a small package she identified as a bomb. Pane then threatened two cashiers and stole £4000 before leaving the black package on a counter and warning employees and customers that the package would explode if they called for the police. Pane was arrested that afternoon after a minor collision in a black Vauxhall at Ringwood, Bournemouth. She was being treated at the hospital for shock when Dorset police made the arrest.

She seemed to be in a trance”, Police Inspector Nicola Cooper commented. “When our officers reached the spot, she was standing outside, appearing bewildered and lost”. The four customers and two employees in the bank at the time were uninjured and Dorset police have confirmed that the gun and packaged bomb used to threaten them were both fake. The money stolen in the robbery was also recovered.

According to reports, Pane is employed by Bournemouth University as a lecturer and was seen an hour before the robbery in the KFC restaurant next to the bank. She was identified in the restaurant by colleague James Puis who described the her as acting strangely. “She was agitated and not quite there. I have never seen her like that”. Puis also commented, “It is hard to believe it all. The Georgina I know is not that kind of person”. Bournemouth University has failed to comment on the 2incident.

According to police, Pane threatened employees with the fake bomb before making her escape. “She said it contained a bomb powerful enough to blow the whole building up”, DI Cooper commented. Pane also told the cashiers that the bomb could be set off from up to a mile away by a remote control if they alerted the police before she left. “She told them to stay in for the next ten minutes”, Cooper said. “She said if they raised the alarm before she got away she would blow up all up sky-high”. The cashiers then waited twenty minutes before calling the police.

Eyewitness Daniel Jackson has said “It was really horrible when she pulled that gun. She was very nervous and it was shaking in her hand and I was really worried she would accidentally shoot one of us”.

Regional manager of the Dorset HSBC branch, David Brood, commented “I am glad nobody was hurt and the robbery was foiled”. Brood also commended the bravery of the cashiers on duty that day. “The cashiers deserve praise for keeping their cool. Things could have really gone out of hand if they had panicked.”

Pane has been remanded in police custody and upon leaving court was heard saying “I was not even there. This is a conspiracy”.

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