Eastenders Christmas Polls 2010

As my housemates and myself have finished watching yet another episode of the BBC soap ‘Eastenders‘, we have now created several scenarios for the Christmas Day special. A year of so many revelations, Stacey killed Archie Mitchell, Peggy finally hung up the ‘Last Call’ bell and Kat and Alfie Moon‘s return to the show, the only thing that can top off a scandalous year is an outrageous Christmas Special.

While sitting and watching we have concocted several scenarios. Please comment and rate, if you have any suggestions, please include them!

1. Janine goes bitch-crazy when she finds out about the affair Ryan had with Stacey, holds up the Queen Vic at gunpoint and finally figures out what brand of crisps they sell.

2. Kat finally pops out baby Alfie/cousin Michael.

3. Ben returns from juvenile corrections with a 7ft boyfriend called Sarah and with hatred for Phil.

4. Glenda Mitchell manages to sleep with every last member of the Eastenders crew in a massive orgy in the Queen Vic. Free drinks all around.

5. Sadly, but what could be a possibility, Jim Branning dies, leaving Dot Branning heartbroken and alone.

6. Jane finally dumps Ian Beale and takes little Bobby with her.

These are all for fun, of course, and are not real storylines but go ahead and rate for the scenario you would like to see this Christmas!

Take a look at the Christmas episode from last year. Ahhh tears, tantrums and murders. ‘Tis the Christmas season!

One Comment to “Eastenders Christmas Polls 2010”

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