Modern Family- Season 1 Review

The ABC comedy mockumentary has been critically acclaimed by many saying, ” Modern Family was one of the best new comedies of the season.”. I agree with this completely. Set out like a fly-on-the-wall documentary, this comedy show explores the new age of family in modern times. First, there is the nuclear family of Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell) Dunphy with their three children, all with various…personalities. There is Claire’s father, Jay (Ed O’Neill) who recently married an extreme attractive woman (30 years younger) Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and her young son Manny. Then finally, there is the token gay couple consisting of Mitchell (Jesse Tyler-Ferguson), son of Jay and brother to Claire and his partner Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) who recently adopted an Vietnamese baby called Lilly.

This comedy was originally aired in September 2009 and since then has created an enormous fan base. With good reason. The show follows the every-day trials, triumphs and downfalls, particularly focusing on the parents. There is a good mix of comedy and seriousness and I personally think that this show has managed to portray several insightful views of relationship, as viewed by society. We obviously have the nuclear family and then we have the step-family and the gay couple which provides a lot of insight and, of course, comedy into the mix.

You really feel a connected with the characters as there is one for almost every personality type. The popular-girls, the geeks, the control-freaks and all sensitively portrayed within the series and you find yourself being unable to dislike any of the characters. They are simply wonderful in their own way. A concept which is difficult to understand within contemporary television shows.

There are wonderful stories and even funnier jokes. Set out more as a satirical portrayal of family life, post-tradition and has wonderful heart-felt moments. Underlining it, families come in all shapes and sizes but they are still always there for you and long as you are there for them.

The show has to rely on stereotypes, especially the portrayal of a gay couple but it is still a lively and well-thought out. Cameron is portrayed as a very maternal, flamboyant partner but then again he is validated by his partner, Mitchell being a very controlling, over-thinking, hard-working man. In conclusion, every stereotype has a validity to it and is balanced out correctly.

In a time when reality television seems to be ruling the screen, it is wonderful to see a well-written and beautifully portrayed account of families and all the characters are all easy to relate to, like the stay-at-home mother, the thinks-he’s-down-with-the-kids dad and the all-knowing Grandfather.

Simply, this show is a brilliant and witty comedy that follows morals in a slightly nontraditional family. It will have you rolling with laughter and feeling grateful to have your family, any shape or size.

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