Festive Merriment!!

If, like us, you are lacking in Christmas ideas, you may want to try some of these. Some traditional, some not, always entertaining and believe me, except one game, all these increase in fun the more alcohol you have! These games are perfect for a household and will be brilliant to play if you divide the house into teams. Just make sure you don’t have any sore losers or people who oppose team work. They’ll just bring you down!


1. Number 1 Barmaid/Barman. Set out some cocktail recipes and some requirements, such as a Cosmopolitan in a cocktail glass or a Woo Woo in a tall glass and set a time. Or make everyone pour the quickest pint with the least head. Each person has to get the quickest time or they are out. Get all the friends around to play this for some audience reactions and some moral support. A contestant get eliminated after each round and the last one standing is pronounced the winner. Just remember to put down some plastic sheeting. It’s not fun when you walk into the living room the morning after and try to estimate the amount of Vanish Carpet Cleaner you’re going to need to buy from Waitrose.

2. Charades. It’s a classic but it’s not just for the Grandparents any more. Use subjects like films (‘Up‘ is a good examples- it’s always funny to see how different people approach it!), books and television shows. It’s best to divide people into couples and play like that, just remember to keep scores. It’s really annoying after three rounds to not remember who won at all.

3. My Better Half. Divide the household into pairs and lay out a roll of wrapping paper, scissors and sellotape for each couples. The objective is for them to wrap up a particular object the fastest. However, they must put a hand around each other so that they only have one arm each (someone will have their left arm, someone will have their right). It’s a hilarious game but this is the only game that will possibly become less fun with the increased amount of alcohol, especially the scissors part so be careful.

4. Pass the Santa. Just like pass the parcel. Pass around the soft toy Santa (available from Poundland or Asda) and the play some cheesy music, the person holding the toy when the music stops is immediately out. It’s better with a large group of people, otherwise it’s over in 6 minutes (and that includes 4 minutes trying to make the iPod speakers work).

5. Finally, another classic. Musical Chrismas Chairs. Cheesy songs and too much vodka could be a recipe for disaster but before that, it’s fun! Just like normal musical chairs just with Christmas songs. Make everyone walk/dance around in a clockwise circle and when the music stops everyone must find a chair to sit on. Make sure there is one less chair for the number of people and the person who can’t find a chair is out. Just make sure there is no infringement on the rules or that’s when vodka starts to bring out the ugly in people.

Cheesy songs to get you in the mood:

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