Abuse of Children- Spotting the Signs and Stopping it.

If you have been one of the thousands on people on facebook who have changed their page picture to a childhood cartoon character then you will know that this is to show support of the NSPCC, the charity to help stop abuse to thousands of children across the country. However, many do not know of what else to do to help children of child abuse. The NSPCC makes hundred of suggestions and ideas for those to help them show their support and help to stop the horrible statistics. Some are as easy as keeping your eyes and ears open.

The NSPCC has reviewed that almost 40% of children on the child protection register were under four years of age in 2006 meaning that babies and toddlers are at risk from child abuse and that two thirds of children killed at the hands of another person where under five years of age in 2005. Children over this age are also at risk of harrowing abuse with 16% of children under the age of sixteen experiencing sexual abuse. This is also a risk of boys as well as girls with 11% experiencing some form of sexual abuse under the age of sixteen.

The NSPCC has made suggestions to the public to look out for signs of sexual, physical or emotional abuse to children. Children may look emotionally or socially withdrawn or act in an unusually aggressive way. The NSPCC also suggestion looking into the family environment– does the child have a good relationship with their family or do they try to avoid them more than usual. These signs can indicate if there is a need to worry about abuse that could be happening and if you have no-one to turn to with these concerns, you can call the NSPCC anonymously for advice. This Helpline is open 24/7 but this caring charity needs help in order to keep answering calls.

There are many ways you can help and donate to the NSPCC. If you are stuck for Christmas presents, then you can donate to the charity and receive a Christmas bauble to help stop child abuse. You can also take the whole family down to a pantomime and make this Christmas an unforgettable one, with proceeding going to the NSPCC. If you have a spare day, why not volunteer for one of these holiday events? It’s a fun day out and you can help this charity reach as many people as they can!

There are loads of ways to help the NSPCC and help the abuse of children end for good. Think about it this Christmas and help a child have a good Christmas in return. This abuse needs to stop.


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