Conspiracy Theories- madness or clouded truth?

I am a bit of a geek when it comes to conspiracy theories. I enjoy others views on world events but most simply think of crop circles and Roswell when asked about conspiracy theories. There are several websites that detail Government plots, elitist groups and plans on World domination. I visited a conspiracy theorist’s website last night to watch a documentary about the conspiracies surrounding the JFK assassination but soon afterwards I was bombarded with emails from different groups talking about the most outrageous conspiracy theories that I myself, had to look out for.

One group emailed me talking about the ‘New World Order‘ for world domination. According to this group,  the American Government and Political figures are all planning a world domination for an authoritarian Government, and they have been leaving clues scattered on bank notes for years. If this wasn’t mad enough, they are claiming that this ‘New World Order‘ has already built a meeting place  at Denver airport in Colorado, US, where, in years to come, they will enslave people. This is based on the fact that the airport has a few unorthodox murals and from the sky, looks very vaguely like a Nazi symbol.

I just thought that this could be because airports need runways otherwise planes won’t get off the ground, but there you go. The ‘New World Order’.

Another email sent to me was detailing the conspiracy surrounding Government scientists, apparently they’re spiking our drinking water with fluoride in order to induce cancer and other illnesses to benefit the pharmaceutical companies and reduce the world’s population. God alive, I thought it just came from the highland mountains but that’s wrong. Thought that bottled water is safer, that’s apparently wrong too. According to this group, it doesn’t matter what we drink as the Government has spiked it all. Amazingly, this group is offering their own bottled water that people can purchase that doesn’t have fluoride added to it. Isn’t that a coincidence? Why not let people purchase the water for free if they care so much?

And finally to top it all off, I got an email asking me if I’d seen Elvis recently because he’s apparently still alive.

Emailed back saying “OHHHHH I thought I saw him in Lidl the other day…and Poundland“. This is again another conspiracy theory that Elvis Presley didn’t die from a overdose in 1977 but remained alive, helped by the Government to run away from a number of threats and debt. Apparently he legged it and has been seen hiding in Michigan, America and various other places around the world. Why has no-one taken a picture then? Why haven’t they taken down a licence plate number? Or have the just seen Elvis walking around with a entourage of people who look exactly like him? Because that could be described as an Elvis tribute act walking around. Apparently he’s been spotted several times in Las Vegas, Nervada. Of course he has! It’s Vegas, if you go out without an Elvis suit you’re going to look stupid!

These conspiracies may seem far-fetched and outrageous to us but there are several groups of people, particularly in the US, who completely believe these theories. Many theories have the Government at the heart of it as they are apparently running everything at the moment. However, many of these conspiracies surfaced during the George Bush administration. George Bush? Really? Capable of knowing what fluoride is? Seriously doubt that. This is more of a rant post but take a look at these websites for yourself. It’s unbelievable what some of these are suggesting. All I really want them to do is stop emailing me…but hang on, how did they get my email address? Uh oh, another conspiracy looming…

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