Undeck the Halls- Annoying Celebrities

I’ve been a bit too excited with Christmas this week and I think my bank balance is baring the brunt of it but I decided to list the top 10 annoying celebrities that make you want to cancel Christmas all together and ban them from New Years and Easter as well. Obviously people may disagree so just write the celebrities you want and why.



1. Justin Bieber.

Oh god sake, don’t do that whole “But he’s so cute, he’s so talented, have you heard that ‘Baby‘ song?” Yes I have and I still don’t like him. No matter how old he gets he will always seem like a 13 year-old millionaire and we don’t need another one in the music business. Besides, has any-one else seen how horny he’s gotten recently? ‘X Factor‘ anyone? “Hey judges…hey Cheryl.” Get AWAY!! DOWN, DOWN OFF THE FURNITURE!!!

2. Katie Price.

Germaine Greer has said that she’s the ultimate feminist…how??? She’s had more botox in her than the factory it was made in, she runs along with highly unsuccessful marriages and allows her young children to wear make-up and be interrogated by camera-men. Every week there’s another picture of her necking ‘VS’s and flashing something. Love, just settle down please. For everyone this Christmas.

3. Kristen Stewart.

I know that for a lot of blokes she’s like the girl next door but she’s the moodiest person that’s ever been photographed. She’s like the human Eeyore. And she stole Robert Pattinson away from me…

4. Amanda Seyfried.

I know she was in ‘Mamma Mia‘, I know she was Karen from ‘Mean Girls‘ but I don’t like her. She was a cheesy and annoying in ‘Mamma Mia‘ and I know that was meant to be the general plot outline of the film but everyone else managed to do it with some grace. She just messed around on screen and tried too hard to look happy for Meryl Streep. Besides I didn’t like the film ‘Dear John‘ and don’t like everyone associated with it. Yes even Channing Tatum.

5. Cliff Richard.

I just don’t like that he’s a massive in the music business (or used to be) and now claims that he was the ultimate rock star because he didn’t go around having casual sex, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. What a waste of potential phone numbers. He’s just too goodie goodie.

6. David Beckham.

National treasure, international football icon and THAT ACCENT!!! THAT ANNOYING ACCENT AND INCORRECT SENTENCE STRUCTURE! Oooh sorry, couldn’t hold that in anymore. He’s brings out books when I’m fairly sure he can’t read and is stupid enough to cheat on ‘Posh‘. I jus…THAT ACCENT!!!!

7. Gillian McKeith.

She pokes around in people’s excrement and then lecturers them on manners and holding back cravings. Allllllright then.

8. Amanda Barrie.

For personal reasons. Loved her on Coronation Street but when I met her last week at the ‘Cinderella’ pantomime at the Bournemouth Pavillion she gave us lip about being organized and swore in front of us. All this rudeness while she was wearing body glitter and fake comical boobs. Let’s not start on who’s washed up in the business shall we dear? She did give me an autograph for my Mum though!

9. Jedward

Someone pass me a grenade, a mallet, ANYTHING! Since these two managed to push out so many perfectly pitched singers in last year’s ‘X-factor‘, they’ve managed to annoying the entire UK. Just the jumping up and down, the screaming teenage girls and that hair, all that is a combination for something nasty to happen. And now they’re on the ‘Nintendo DS’ adverts as well. Just get away. Pleeeeeeeeeease.

10. Lindsay Lohan.

A shame really. She was so good to 1998’s ‘Parent Trap‘ and was even better in ‘Freaky Friday‘ and ‘Mean Girls‘ and then it all went wrong. Years in a out of rehab, deciding she’s now a lesbian and public bickering with everyone has made me doubt her. She’s only been doing terrible films recently and now I’m starting to wonder, what does she provide us with? Besides motive.

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