10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

A friend of mine went on a date this summer with a co-worker and reported back later that she left when he said “I love your eyes. They’re so dark, they almost make you look dead on the inside”. Necrophilia aside, why do some men insist on driving girls away with these lines? The man in question was an upstanding man, had girlfriends before and according to this friend, showed no signs out of the ordinary. Starts out like a compliment and then ends in a restraining order. When typed in to Amazon, relationship advice books are scattered everywhere. But most of these seem to be aimed at women? Well obviously some men out there need a little help as well. Here are 10 things men should never say to women. This comes from personal experience and a little help from others.

1. “Chips instead of salad? Oh daring.”

Why? Nice dinner, good company, don’t ruin it by bringing up a girl’s weight. Most girls do not realise their true body weight when looking at themselves in a mirror. They don’t need that mirror to be a date. Be happy to have a girl who eats something other than salads. In my home town, that is rare.

2. “Don’t you trust me?”

Words uttered by soap characters before their illegitimate love-child walks through the door. As many of us base our entire knowledge on television culture, avoid these words.

3. “Don’t worry. You wouldn’t understand.”

Personal experience. The first sentence, understanding. The second, patronising. My boyfriend at the time didn’t think I could work my iPod and you know what? It does. Sean Kingston just keeps playing when I turn it on. Oh well…I like Sean Kingston.

4. “How many men have you slept with?”

Why why why???? This can’t end well. Abort!! ABORT!!! Makes you sound insecure and frankly makes us feel like a bit a tramp. It shouldn’t matter to most couples. At the most, make an estimation in your own head and round it down.

5. “My friend likes you…he’s shy”.

Being in a club on a Friday night is not the same as year 7 at school. If you do not act with confidence in the dating game, you can give it up. Most people I talk to do not have bags of self-esteem. They just act like they do. Be an actor. This line makes you sound like someone who can’t handle the roller-coaster of a relationship and, frankly, doesn’t make you sound very macho. Don’t send a friend, handle it yourself.

6. “My ex never said that/ did that/ wanted that…”

Makes us feel insecure. We’re not Bambi, we know you had girlfriends before us but seriously never bring up their personality. We would like to think of her as the shadow in the past, not the demanding measure in the present. If it’s a mistake then just say ‘Sorry, wasn’t thinking’. If you know full-well what you’re saying then expect an ear-full.

7. “Sorry…were we meant to meet up tonight?”

Whoops, someone doesn’t have a diary…or a brain. If this is a mistake and the girl calls you confirming the night out then blag it. Something along the lines of ‘Of courrrrrrrrrrrrse’. Make us seem slightly desperate and girls never want to be put in that position.

8. “Wow, look at her!!!”

In town, on a Saturday afternoon. In my own personal experience by the way. Unfortunately women know that men staring at other girls is a genetic quality. It can’t be help. It’s like going to an art gallery. You don’t just stare at one piece. But then you never heard people at an art gallery saying “Phwwwwwwwoar, Venus is fit”. Silent appreciation is just about enough girls can handle. Don’t make it a talk show and expect us to respond in a favourable manner.

9. “You’re behaving like a child!”

Then don’t act like my Mother! I know that sometimes girls can have an argue just for the hell of it without realising that the argument doesn’t particularly make sense but just don’t say those words. It takes us back to a regression stage and really sounds patronising.

10. “If you really loved me then you would…”

Don’t do this. Manipulation isn’t really the way to a girl’s heart. No should mean no. No matter what the reasons. If its a decision about pizza or paint then yes, you can possibly get away with it. Something big, don’t put girls in that position. Some people refer to girls as the weaker sex. Don’t enforce that anti-feminism lingo.

2 Comments to “10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women”

  1. This is a really good blog! So true. I can’t believe the eye comment! What would you say? Bet that didn’t end well.

  2. I love this North, laughing so much. Love the Sean Kingston bit, I can see you sitting in your room listening to it over and over again just to prove a point.
    The problem is, as fantastic as the points you have made are, there is a major flaw in your advice….men…NEVER… listen.

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