Apple Company- Timeline

Initially started in 1976 by Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs, the company ‘Apple‘ has suffered against corporate business and individual distress to become the house-hold name it holds today as well as a business worth more than $200 billion.

1976- High School friends Wozniak and Jobs designed and pitched the first Apple computer.

1980- After appearances at trade shows and multiple orders, the Apple Company began, recruiting thousands of employees and new inventors.

1981- Difficulties in the market lead to forty employees being made redundant. After a plane crash in March, Mozniak had to take a leave of absence, leaving Jobs the chairman of Apple.

1983- John Sculley becomes the President and CEO of Apple, recommended by Jobs.

1984- The Apple Macintosh is introduced to consumers.

1985- After many heated arguments against Sculley concerning the future of the company, Jobs resigns from Apple.

1985-86- Sculley starts a legal battle against Microsoft’s Bill Gates regarding the launch of Windows 1.0, claiming that it had similarities to Apple’s MacGUI. The lawsuit was denied.

1991- The first generation of PowerBooks is released, proving to be a success amongst consumers.

1993- After backlash from Apple’s Board of Directors, Sculley is relieved from his position of CEO and replaced by Michael Spindler. Sculley remained as a chairman for the company before his resignation a few months later.

1995- Apple company begins to distress over $1 billion worth of back-orders which coincided with the release of Microsoft’s Windows ’95.

1996- Apple reports losses of $68 million. After this was announced, Spindler was forced to resign as CEO, being replaced by Gil Amelio.

1997- After yet more losses to the company, Amelio resigned as CEO and Fred Anderson took charge of everyday operations until a new CEO was announced. Steven Jobs returned to Apple.

November, 1997- Jobs announced a turn-around in the structure of the company, replacing the Board of Directors and launching the Apple PowerMac G3 and the PowerBook G3, both of which were extremely successful in the market.

1998- Jobs announced a profitable first-quarter for the first time in a year. Profit continued to increase throughout the year after collaborations with Microsoft and Next Computers were announced.

2001- The iPod was first launched, offering consumers a developed MP3 player of all music types.

2003- The iTunes Music Store was made available online for consumers in the US, selling individual songs at ninety-nine cents each, achieving two million downloads in the first sixteen days. The music store was made available in the UK a year later.

2005- Riding on the success of the iPod, developments were made and the iPod shuffle and iPod colour were launched, proving to be an instant success. The iPod has continued to develop over the years and is still a popular product.

2007- The iPhone is released as well as the improved MacBooks.

2010- The Apple iPad was announced was well as the iPhone4 by Steven Jobs, expecting to raise Apple stock prices by more than 39% in the new year.

The company has come a long way since the 1970s and despite its financial distress and employee turmoil, has become one of the biggest technology companies of its time. Only time will tell how long it will continue on a high.

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  4. Apple needs to send 1.4 billion to the relief aid to Kenya and do something good with the profits they made from all of us around the world from the sales of their products. Then we will all be proud of them and return the favor with more purchases!

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