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June 14, 2011

BBC Suicide Documentary, a step too far?

The BBC has not been in favour with the public of late. In January, the popular BBC soap Eastenders managed to cause a national debate, inciting discussions on twitter, by involving a storyline involving one of the characters swopping their tragically dead baby for a neighbour’s baby. The entire storyline caused a national stir, inciting the BBC to bring the conclusion forward as to avoid risking upset to viewers. This is not exactly an isolated incident. The BBC has always produced controversial programmes and radio broadcasts to broaden our knowledge and create a discussion. However on 13th June, Terry Pratchett’s documentary “Choosing to Die” on BBC 2, sparked outrage for viewers who voiced their opinion to the BBC. So far, over 1000 complaints have been registered with the BBC and it is expected to rise. However, Pratchett has defended his documentary, claiming that the documentary was positive in informing people of the practices in assisted suicide. Why has this programme sparked national criticism? Have the viewers not grasped the concept of the documentary or did the BBC go too far?

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June 14, 2011

“Something to be proud of”

For many of us, the responsibility of trying to support a charity simply means putting 20p into the box next to the till at the coffee shop or simply buying Fairtrade goods at the local supermarket. We all try to help any way we can, however, there are a small selection of volunteers in the world who will never stop caring for those who need support. At the Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services (HAVS), we try to help honour those who never stop and think of the outstanding and life-changing work they do to comfort communities and individuals.

At Hillingdon, West London, we are trying to honour those whose work may go unrewarded or unnoticed and to celebrate the changes they bring. During Volunteers Week in UK, 1st-7th June 2011, HAVS launched the Hillingdon Volunteer Achievement Awards, encouraging those to nominate any volunteers they think deserve to be appreciated with an award. While the nominations go ahead, the dedicated team of HAVS try to put every ounce of their efforts into raising the scarce funds, organising the publicity and standing out in the English rain to encourage members of the community to participate in the volunteer service and what it does for them in turn.

Due to funding, the voluntary service has suffered massive cutbacks in light of the UK recession and the award ceremonies are no exception. Weight up options are difficult when you must take so much into account. If we are to the honour these volunteers respectfully, we must provide them with an awards ceremony to fit.

In order to advance the awareness of these awards and the volunteer sector in the UK, any support or featured links will be very appreciated. Community is something to cherish and something for us all to be proud in.

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