Why I want to become a journalist (apart from money and free magazines)

There is something incredibly gratifying about opening up a magazine or a newspaper and reading about events or people from around the world. It gives you knowledge and the sense of power that comes with it. Journalism can shock you with world events or give you pleasure from the individual stories of basic human kindness and unity.

I wanted to become a journalist because it is amazing to read about such events. When you open the paper or magazine, you see the photographs and you see the powerful words. Being a journalist means that you get to see what a lot of people don’t get the chance to. You meet fascinating people who others read about their experiences but you get to hear them from him or her. Their voice and their eyes. Conventions of meaning, all directed at you.

It’s difficult to write about the atmosphere and what your senses are experiencing but being there, conflict situation, local story, celebrity events, mean that you get to experience all these things first hand.

I also wanted to become a journalist for the same reasons that most people do. I wanted to work in a highly motivated industry. There are always deadlines you are up against, there is always the highly overworked atmosphere and, being a waitress for four years, I felt that I would enjoy working in a job when you don’t know exactly when you’re coming home, you don’t know if you are going to please everyone and when it comes down to it, you don’t know how you are going to overcome the work until it’s over.

Finally, I just wanted to know that someone out there would read my writing. Look at an article and feel a connection in some way. Not in an ESP way or a telepathic way but in a way that they think they may know my thought processes. They can try to see what I saw through my words. I also thought that one day I would like to put up a story or an article on the mantlepiece. People come around to the house and say “Oh, what’s that?” and I can say “What? Oh that, yeah I wrote that. It was published in a magazine.”

Jobs are about self-gratification. It sounds selfish but it really isn’t. You want to see your words making a difference, even if that difference just comes from one person who reads it. Doing what you love and experiencing life, not from the side-lines but slap-bang in the middle of the field.


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