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May 2, 2012


In a reflection of my social media engagement during this unit, through my twitter account and my blog, I believe that this assignment has been beneficial in developing my own engagement and understanding of the aspects of journalism which have been discussed in class. While the seminars have been very beneficial in covering the definitions and explanations of different journalist practices, I believe that writing on my blog has furthered my understanding of the journalism field.

In the posts, you are encouraged to do your own research, provide your own opinion and find your own examples to illustrate a point. In order to write a post you need to provide ample research material to support your claims and provide a background to your writing. As a writer, you are also aware that your post may be seen by readers who are viewing your blog for information and entertainment, therefore you must produce a high-standard post which is suiting their needs. This aspect has been the force of every post I have published on my blog. You need to create debate and interest to become respected as a writer.

I also believe that my engagement on twitter has been beneficial. Re-tweeting and using hash tags are an important way of reaching different audiences. My twitter was most active during the Occupy Bournemouth Movement’s appearance on the University Campus. I provided updates and debate among twitter users and followers to provoke a discussion of opinions.

The ongoing social media assignment has been very beneficial as I had never engaged with social media at this level before. Before, my blog was an assortment of various topics but now that I have been writing posts about aspects of journalism, I find myself writing more and doing more research to support my claims and opinions. I believe that the process of blogging and tweeting is important in journalism studies and that encouraging students to write their own pieces is beneficial in their understanding of the subject matter.

May 2, 2012

Yellow Journalism and Scare Mongering

My final post is concerned with the term “yellow journalism”. It describes a type of journalism and publication which uses large headlines, big pictures and sensationalist terms to appeal to readers. The British Press has somewhat of a reputation when it comes to its obsession with tabloid newspapers, especially when an interesting and controversial story is made public. I am writing about the origins of yellow journalism and its perks and pitfalls when it comes to subject matter. Yellow journalism has also been described as an instigator in moral panics or scare mongering and I shall be providing examples as to how this type of journalism is beneficial and dangerous.

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